Students at St Anthony’s School enjoy a wide range of co-curricular activities that help to enhance their learning.  

Student enjoy trying out new sports, arts and performance experiences that help them to grow as an individual, work in a team and spend time with children in other year levels.  

The co-curricular activities at St Anthony’s are designed so students can build their social skills and experience success outside the classroom. These activities are run during school hours with some opportunities before or after school.

Students are encouraged to try new activities and make new friends across year levels. Experiencing teamwork firsthand helps students learn this skill in sporting, cultural and outdoor programs.

School and inter-school sports are available. Representative opportunities are available through Darling Downs School Sport and include athletics, basketball, cricket, netball, rugby league, rugby union, softball, touch football and swimming.

The school offers an extensive Instrumental Music Program. Instrumental tuition offered includes strings, woodwind, voice, piano and brass. There is also a school choir, which is open to all year levels.

Performance opportunities include performing at community events such as the Carnival of Flowers, school fairs, music concerts, community events, parish Family Mass and whole school liturgies and assemblies.

Other programs are available in Chess Mates, Mini Vinnies, Run and Read Club and each year our senior students participate in a school musical.

Year 6 Experience

Year 6 students participate in a tailored experience away from the classroom. This is considered an integral part of the students’ education and these days are mandatory school days, it is expected that all students attend unless prior arrangements are made with the Principal. The philosophy of the  experience is to provide students with an alternative learning environment where they experience activities that are generally not accessible at school. As the experience involves an extra cost to families, extended prior notice is given to assist families with budgeting so their child can attend.

Should parents/legal guardians need further explanation about the philosophy of the school experience and the cost arrangements, they should contact the Principal.

Music/Drama presentations

Throughout the year each class will participate in a music/drama presentation. Dates and times are advertised in the school newsletter so parents/legal guardians can plan to attend.

Choir participation

Students are encouraged to participate in the School Choir. Rehearsals are conducted during some lunch breaks. The students have the opportunity to perform for parish groups, at Sunday Mass, for community organisations and to participate in the bi-annual Sing Out at the Empire Theatre.

Competition involvement

All children are encouraged to enter the various competitions that present themselves throughout the year. Winning is terrific but participation is all-important.

The school competes in the Choral sections of the Toowoomba Eisteddfod and students are encouraged to enter in individual sections. For further information contact the music and drama teacher.