“Our teacher makes our work fun – we still do the work, but we actually want to work!”

Teaching and learning at St Anthony’s School starts with high expectations of behaviour from all students so they can learn in a supported environment of care, consistency and curriculum.   

Teachers aim to deliver subjects in a fun and engaging way so that all students enjoy their learning. 

Here at St Anthony’s, we strive to meet the demands of the new Australian Curriculum, and at the same time, provide rich learning experiences for all our students.

Our aims are

  • to deliver the curriculum with intent, commitment and passion
  • to ensure that each student progresses to an optimum standard, is fully engaged in their learning, and continues to grow as a lifelong learner
  • to see that teachers continue to grow as professional educators by constantly reflecting on their teaching practices and endeavouring to improve upon them through collaborative team planning, teaching, assessing and reporting; and through professional development opportunities.

We acknowledge that the Australian Curriculum underpins the content of what we are to teach and what our students need to know and what they need to be able to do.


Each year level has access to laptops, interactive TVs or whiteboards, and a small number of iPads. iPads will be a key focus for our future IT planning and programing, hence the number of iPads available to students will continue to increase. The library has a large interactive whiteboard, as well as PCs, housing the library catalogue system. Teachers are expected to incorporate IT in all Key Learning Areas when teaching the students.