Parent communication

The responsibility for the education of the children at our school is seen as a partnership between the parents/legal guardians and the teachers. Communication is the most important aspect, if we are to work successfully together.  If there is a problem, or even a slight concern, please come and speak to a staff member, as a problem shared is a problem halved. 

Parents naturally have a keen interest in their child’s learning. However, for the vast majority, contact with school as a ‘parent’ is a new experience and this can be quite daunting. Toowoomba Catholic Schools (TCS) has developed a Parent Engagement Charter to aid parents as they navigate the school environment and become fluent in the ‘language of school’.

We have an enthusiastic and committed parent group who gather eight times a year to collaborate and discuss the school from an educational and strategic perspective and to share ideas for engaging parents in all facets of school life. The invitation to be a part of these gatherings is extended to everyone!